Golden Ticket

Learn more about the terms, conditions, qualifications, and redemptions:

Give Groundwork ONE chance to deliver on our promises, and we will earn your business, make your customers happy, and make you successful, forever. We ask for one chance, one customer, one closing to PROVE why Groundwork is the superior choice. We know that with one shot, one customer, we will perform and we will win.


This exclusive offer in the form of the Golden Ticket is intended to help each New Home Team agent sell a home, close a home sale, by delivering extra value to a Hunt Midwest community prospect motivating them to become a new home buyer from a Hunt Midwest builder.


When that buyer redeems the exclusive value with Groundwork under an exclusive Golden Ticket, we earn that buyer’s loan closing and in that closing we prove to the buyer and the New Home Team agent and the builder why Groundwork is the best! Give us one shot. One closing is all it takes to PROVE our worth.



Each New Home Team agent gets one exclusive certificate, one Golden Ticket. Each Golden Ticket is numbered and there are only 20 Golden Tickets, total. This is exclusive and the supply and offer is very limited. Golden Tickets are registered to each New Home Team agent who receives one from Groundwork. A registered New Home Team agent may give their Golden Ticket to one qualified and eligible buyer and that buyer may then redeem that Golden Ticket with Groundwork to receive exclusive value. Every buyer redeeming a Golden Ticket becomes a Groundwork customer and that customer is receiving a special and limited value from Groundwork. The registered New Home Team agent is privileged to deliver the exclusive offer and Golden Ticket to a qualified and eligible buyer. The registered New Home Team agent is the hero!


The customer redeeming the Golden Ticket will receive the following special value:

1) Free Appraisal – Groundwork will not charge the customer for the ordinary and necessary cost of an appraisal on their new home ($600 value);

Free Final Inspection – Groundwork will not charge the customer for the ordinary and necessary cost of the appraiser’s final inspection of their new home ($200 value) [new homes that are not complete at the time of the appraisal must be re-inspected by the appraiser for completion]; and

 Free Credit Reporting Services – Groundwork will not charge the customer for the ordinary and necessary cost of the credit reporting services for loan application and underwriting ($150 value). 


This is a limited time, one-time, exclusive and special value of $1,000 for the customer redeeming the Golden Ticket and choosing Groundwork. This is not cash, not a cash equivalent (may not be redeemed or exchanged for cash), not funds for closing and not a down payment, but rather a special discount on customary Groundwork loan closing costs exclusively available to Groundwork customers redeeming a Golden Ticket!


This exclusive discount and savings are a reduction in the qualifying customer’s cost to close and a true reduction in costs otherwise charged at closing and is not made up by higher costs to the customer elsewhere at closing.



Golden Tickets are valid from March 1stthrough March 31st of 2023 and automatically expire and are void after March 31, 2023, if not redeemed with Groundwork together with a complete loan application by the close of business on March 31, 2023. 

To be eligible and qualify the customer: 

 must buy a new home in a Hunt Midwest community (any builder) in the month of March by evidence of the purchase contract date (i.e., contracts dated and fully executed between March 1st to March 31st 2023); and

 must buy that home from the New Home Team agent registered to the Golden Ticket (each Golden Ticket is exclusive, original and limited and Golden Tickets are not transferable except as between the registered New Home Team agent and the eligible and qualified buyer); and

 must apply for purchase mortgage financing with Groundwork in the month of March (i.e., loan applications dated, completed and submitted to Groundwork between March 1st to March 31st 2023); and 

 must redeem the original registered Golden Ticket with Groundwork at the time of loan application, not before and not later; and 

 must close on their purchase of the subject home with purchase financing provided by Groundwork at closing.